Swim GalaSaturday 14th November saw some rather excitable Fifth Form girls descend on to poolside to take part in the Company Swimming Gala.  

Most of the Companies fielded a strong team, whilst others needed to find a little more team spirit! Those that did have fewer numbers have to be applauded for their determination... congratulations have to go to Year 11 girls, Ashley and Daisy, for showing plenty of it.

There were some very close finishes during the evening with many excellent swims. However, the most outstanding swimmer in LV (Year 10) was Eva-Rose, who had impressive wins in the Individual Medley, 25m Butterfly and the 50m Freestyle. UV’s (Year 11's) outstanding swimmer was Ashley, who won four of the five individual races with Lucy D. taking the 50m Backstroke.

Relays scored double points so were quite important to the overall result. As well as the usual Freestyle and Medley relays ordinarily seen at a gala, an Egg and Spoon and T-shirt relay were introduced. These proved to be great fun and as enjoyable for the spectators as they were for the competitors.

Overall results: LV (Year 10) Joint winners!
1st Grosstete + Ed Rich
3rd Osmund
4th Moberly
5th Poore

Overall results: UV (Year 11)
1st Grosstete
2nd Ed Rich
3rd Moberly
4th Poore
5th Osmund

Mrs Harris, Swim Coach