The UIV (Year 9) Inter-Company Hockey competition took place on a brisk November afternoon this week. Once Company uniforms and matching war paint (highlighter pen) had been donned, tactics determined, and limbs warmed up, the girls were ready to play.

All games were keenly contested, with close score lines thanks to the energy and efforts of the girls and some collectively brilliant goalkeeping. Teams from Moberly, Grosstete and Ed Rich looked strong from the outset but it was the team from Osmund who particularly impressed. With barely the right amount of troops to field a team, they thwarted and frustrated their opponents throughout the day, working tirelessly with commendable spirit.

The highlight of the afternoon was the finest goal ever witnessed on the world hockey stage – bizarrely, but within the laws of the game, this was rifled in from the foot of an Ed Rich player into the roof of their own net. The title was still in the balance at the start of the final group of games. Ultimately, Grosstete looked set for the title but were being held nil nil by a resolute Moberly. As the final whistle was about to blow, and after repeated saves from the Grosstete goalkeeper, a piercing long-range pass travelled all the way to a lone and ultimately successful striker in the Moberly circle. An exciting end to an excellent afternoon of hockey. 

The final results were:

1st   - Grosstete
2nd - Ed Rich
3rd  - Poore
4th  - Osmund
5th  - Moberly