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Last week we welcomed the girls back to school and to sport. Taking advantage of still not having any inter-school fixtures, we ran some Company competitions.

The LV and UV (Years 10 and 11) started their Company Lacrosse during their Saturday sport lesson and finished this over the afternoon games slot. The UIV (Year 9) girls used their afternoon games slot to compete in their Company Netball competition. This term has been hugely disrupted due to COVID and lockdown, meaning netball has unfortunately lost a lot of curriculum time. However, this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm and ability of this year group. With all the girls involved, it was a great afternoon of netball and I look forward to seeing what this group of girls can do next academic year.

UIV Netball Results:

1st – Ed Rich
2nd – Moberly
3rd - Grosstete
4th – Poore
5th – Osmund