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The Fifth Form Company Lacrosse gave the year group an opportunity to play some competitive lacrosse in a modified version of the game with new rules. Each team approached their games with different tactics allowing for lots of skilful play to be on show. The games were fast paced and high scoring, with all regular lacrosse players, as well as newer players, taking part.

The winners of the LV (Year 10) competition were Moberly, only losing one game against the highly-tipped Poore team. The level of competition was very close, with half the number of games being a draw or within one goal. In the UV (Year 11) tournament, Poore had an unbeaten run to confirm their tournament win, with lots of goals from different players. 

LV Company Results:

1: Moberly
2: Grostete
3: Poore
4: Ed Rich
5: Osmund

UV Company Results:

1: Poore
2: Moberly
3: Grostete
4: Osmund
5: Ed Rich