Enlightening Art trip to Birmingham Galleries


On Wednesday 24th October, the A Level Art students drove up to Birmingham for a day full of exhibitions and an insight into the art world.

On arrival, we walked through the centre of the city up to a small side gallery of the Ikon Birmingham, called the Medicine gallery. The gallery was showing a selection of tapestries by the artist Lucy Orta who, influenced by the suffrage movement, spoke to inmates of the HMP Downview and created a number of fine art banners focusing on women's rights and the 100-year anniversary of women having the right to vote.

We moved up through the city to the main Ikon gallery, housed in an architecturally beautiful building. In the gallery we were exposed to two artists: Polly Apfelbaum and Kate Groobey. Polly's work was presented on two different floors: the first focusing on ceramics and the use of the pride flag and the other further focusing on the pride flag but also looking at rugs. We all found the art work very interactive; we were allowed to walk on the art work and there was a great sense of fun within the educational background of the symbolism of the pieces.

Then we entered a small tower room where we were greeted with a model of one of Kate's work and also an entertaining and colourful video and upbeat music focusing on 'Pure Pleasures'. Here, we were also greeted, to our delight, by the actor Hugh Denis, which was a surprise to many of us! After this, we took a short walk to a Chinese buffet and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting Birmingham's main landmarks and and shops. Overall, it was a great day and enjoyed by all. We were all surprised by the diversity of fine art shown and the infinite possibilities for the future of our work.

By Ella and Davina