The theme for this year’s Company Supper was Hippies and Hipsters which gave the girls an opportunity to get out their brightest clothing.

There was a range of excellent costumes across the years making selecting the best very difficult. Father Jonathan was almost unrecognisable in his long dark wig. With 1960’s music playing in the background, the girls tucked into a meal of beef burgers and curly fries, preceded by popcorn and crudités. An interesting combination! For dessert we enjoyed delicious warm brownies and ice cream.

After a super quick tidy up we moved to Top Hall to play the dressing up and chocolate game which caused a great deal of hilarity and the odd bit of cheating. However, most of the groups did manage to devour the whole chocolate bar, despite being hampered by thick gloves and a knife and fork. Thank you to all the Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff who helped to make this a very memorable and enjoyable night.