Girls camp out on Bronze DofE Expedition

On Saturday 27th February, four teams of LV girls cheerfully set out on their Bronze DofE Practice expedition in the local area.  Each group was dropped off by minibus and spent the late morning and afternoon walking via a few checkpoints to Blacklands Lake Campsite, Calne. The weather was bright and sunny but with a cold wind so the girls did not linger but made good time to the campsite with only a few map-reading detours.

Once in the campsite, they pitched tents and cooked a hot evening meal on metal trangia cookers before getting into their tents for the night. It was a cold night and many of the girls struggled to sleep well and stay properly warm. They did a brilliant job of getting going again in the morning after cooking their own breakfast, packing their tents away and having their stoves inspected for cleanliness. The group that had fried chicken goujons regretted it when it came to cleaning the cookers! The last group left the campsite at 9.30am on Sunday, with the toll of carrying heavy backpacks over long distances starting to show. However, like horses heading for home, one group walked so fast they were back at school by 1pm, having walked from Blacklands in Calne to Avebury. The promise of a hot shower and a rest hastened the other groups too who all did really well and got back to school in good time. These four teams are now ready for their Final Expedition in either April or May which is assessed externally. Although they need and deserve a long rest first!