Art Centre trip a huge success

Macbeth at TrowbridgeOn Tuesday 1st March, the LIV girls visited the Trowbridge Art Centre to watch The Macbeth Curse.  We were welcomed by the head of the centre, who gave a little background history about the centre. She told us that the room where we would see the play used to be an old court room. At 11 o’clock we took to our seats, full of excitement. 

The main idea of the play was that the audience had turned up a day early, so there were lots of mistakes and funny faults during the performance (for example the narrator kept reading out the stage directions). So basically there were four actors, pretending to be four actors rehearsing a play badly. As the name suggests, the play was based around the story of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with a twist. Some of the actors had heard about a curse which was affecting performers acting out the play of Macbeth in previous years.

To sum it up in three words, we would choose ‘Hilarious, creepy and interesting’ and would rate it 4 stars! 
Imogen and Anna D