LIV become Engineers for the day

We arrived at 9am on 11th February at Isambard Community School, Swindon, for the Institution of Engineering and Technology's (IET) Faraday Challenge Day.  The atmosphere was exciting and full of tension as we prepared ourselves for the challenge ahead, as part of our Enrichment Week activities.

We had a delightful introduction to programming which included how computers need detailed explanation for doing everything. Then we got working on BBC micro:bits and we were given slips of paper representing money, which we used to buy materials from the shop.

After we had programmed our micro:bits, we had a delicious packed lunch and then continued to work hard on our micro:bits. We completed our challenge and prepared our pitch, to advertise our micro:bit. All the groups had to stand up, one by one, and advertise what their micro:bits did and what they could be used for. Then the adjudicators decided on the winners, unfortunately it was not us, but maybe St Mary’s will be victorious next year. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and the challenge was interesting and made us think about the other possible career opportunities we could consider in the future.