On Thursday 16th June, the LVI Psychology class spent a day applying our knowledge to the real world. Firstly, we travelled to Bristol Crown Court to observe a trial. There were many different trials taking place, from a dangerous dog incident to the imprisonment of a patient for murder.  We chose to sit in on a trial where there were nine defendants all arrested in connection with a murder. Some points of the trial were very tense but we were able to experience eye-witness testimony and how people acted when in the witness stand. 

The second part of our day was spent in Rowdeford School, a special needs school on the outskirts of Devizes. There we were given a tour by two current students who showed us the school and the activities in which they could take part in. We discovered that is very important to them to learn kinaesthetically and they are able to do so by taking part in gardening, woodwork, design technology, home economics and getting involved in their very own mini-farm! One thing that was most interesting to us was the sensory room – a small room filled with interactive lights, sounds and textures used for fun and to calm children down.

Overall, we had a very enjoyable day taking part in the most contrasting of activities. Those of us who are interested in criminal psychology feel inspired to learn more and those of us who are interested in child psychology are keen to return.