Food, Glorious Food!

We are delighted that, over the summer holidays, the main kitchen and Dining Hall at St Mary’s Calne were refurbished.

The kitchen footprint was modernised and enlarged to incorporate a new servery, bakery area, freezer / cold room facility and to install state-of-the art ovens and other cooking equipment.

Over the summer holiday, builders and kitchen contractors worked very hard together to complete a significant amount of complex infrastructural improvements and to install the new kitchen equipment and servery in readiness for the start of the Autumn Term. This timing was achieved and the facility is now operating very well. The modern servery area in particular is a vast improvement, creating a warm and welcoming ambience and showcasing the high quality and variety of food on offer to its best advantage.

In the Dining Hall, much improved lighting and sound absorption panels have been fitted, walls painted and new pop-up bar / salad bar facilities and electronic menu boards have been installed. New blinds and curtains are also expected soon!

"I love the food here - it's really good and the choice is amazing!" (LIV girl)

"It's great to have so much choice and to have vegetarian options too. I especially love the puddings!" (LIV girl)