High spirits at the Inter-Company 'It's a Knockout'

On the afternoon of Sunday, 11th September, the teams gathered in their Company tops - purple, red, green, blue and orange…the battle was on! 

Three hours later it was all over and the Fourth and Fifth Form girls left the field dripping wet but exhilarated, having braved the giant inflatable obstacle course for the annual inter-company ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition. The girls jumped, climbed, clambered, slid and tumbled their way across a variety of bouncy blow-up stations all while demonstrating the accuracy of their throwing arms, with hoop, dart and bean bag targets. Some events were dry, while others (the best ones) were very, very wet and foamy.  Moberly dominated this year’s competition, with their teams coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position, however all the teams agreed that a great time was had by all – even the staff who could not resist having a go down the giant, soapy slide!