German Exchange students welcomed at St Mary's

St Mary’s girls gave a warm welcome to our exchange partners from Niedersächsisches Internatsgymnasium, who visited the school from 19th - 26th September.

Girls in LV welcomed their exchange partners whom they will be visiting in Bad Bederkesa at the end of the Easter term. The German visitors spent a week with us and were quickly involved in busy boarding school life. They attended lessons as well as enjoying day trips to Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge and Salisbury. The girls were able to socialise in Gibbins House as well as meeting the young men from Eton at the Gibbins Social on Saturday evening! Other activities included a swimming session and a lacrosse lesson. After some initial shyness, the St Mary’s girls and the German girls enjoyed each other’s company and it is to be hoped that some long-lasting links will be formed.

Note for current girls/parents! There are still some places left on the German exchange in March - there is no need to be learning German to attend since there are always lots of German girls who want to improve their English and have a friendly contact with an English school. Please see Mrs Wilkinson without delay if your daughter wishes to be involved. (UIV and above)