Grosstete's Super Slumber Party

This year Grosstete's Company Supper was themed 'Slumber Party'. Everyone looked fantastic in their slumber gear; pyjamas and dressing gowns were in no shortage!

The dining hall was decorated to fit the theme, with hundreds of party rings, chocolate fingers, marshmallows and confetti scattered around the tables. Once everyone had arrived, the evening started with a very tasty Caesar salad, although this was the only greenery seen for the rest of the night! Soon came the dough balls, fries, and of course, the pizza! The girls were even treated to a round of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to finish off the meal; a necessary food at any slumber party.

It is safe to say that there was certainly no shortage of food, and energy levels were high. Once the feasting was over, we then played a very exciting round of pass-the-parcel, in which there were two generous prizes to be won. Lucy won a £20 Topshop voucher, and Lizzie was the other lucky winner of the £20 ASOS voucher. After all the food had (impressively) been finished and the party games were over, the evening came to a perfect end as Ms Dunkin read us all a bedtime story. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and it was lovely to see so many smiles on people's faces. One can definitely be sure Grosstete know how to hold a plentiful feast, and leave no leftovers!