Inspirational Lecture by Arabella Dorman


On the evening of 22nd November, we were delighted to welcome Old Girl, Arabella Dorman, Portrait Painter and War Artist, who gave a lecture on Art and War.  

"On Tuesday night we were very lucky to welcome Arabella Dorman, a War Artist, to come and talk to us about her experiences and how she captures them in her paintings and drawings. Having travelled widely around Iraq and Afghanistan, Arabella showed us a huge collection of her works, inspired and influenced by the scenes and people she had met, these ranged from beautifully observed sketches of both civilians and military, to which she would later refer for larger paintings, to vibrant paintings of the often unappreciated landscapes there. Her work aims to question the necessity of war and illustrate the affect that war has had on all of the people involved. A piece which I found particularly poignant was her installation in St James’s Church, Piccadilly, Flight, a piece that was seen by many to be both humbling and thought provoking. Arabella’s lecture gave us an incredible insight into the life of a war artist and left us to consider the concept of war and the artwork which comes with it in an entirely new light."  Nadia (UVI Form)

"It was such a privilege to hear from an intelligent and accomplished female artist who is able to capture such beautiful and sometimes harrowing stories through her art. The poignancy of what Arabella said about a topic she was so passionate about was moving and massively inspirational." Clara (LVI Form)