Moberly Supper with a touch of tartan!

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The annual Moberly Company Supper took place on 30th November. The theme was 'Wacky and tacky and a touch of tartan' to celebrate St Andrew's day.

What a celebration we had! The costumes were fantastic with lots of tartan pyjamas, as well as some inspirational ones. With Scottish bands on the play list,  we ate a superb meal and, just before dessert, we held our Moberly Mannequin Challenge. Winners of best costume went to Charlotte S. and Jemima B. (Mr Rose also won again!) We then moved the celebrations upstairs into Top Hall for the Ceilidh! What a giggle that was. Mrs Tait was calling the moves but let's just say Moberly were not that smooth at Stripping the Willow! We all made up our own moves and celebrated in style. A huge thank you to Sassie for organising the whole event and to Mrs Thomas and her ladies for the lovely food.