Memorable Confirmation Service

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Saturday, 3rd December was a beautiful, clear winter’s day – the perfect setting for the wonderful Confirmation Service that was held that morning. There was frost on the ground outside, but inside the church it was, thankfully, warm.

For the 22 confirmation candidates the day began with a special breakfast with the Bishop of Ramsbury, the Right Reverend Dr Edward Condry.  It was good for the Bishop to have a chance to talk with the girls informally before the service itself and reflect with them about their experiences of the Preparation Weekend at Lee Abbey that most had attended the week before.

The service was held in the Parish church of St Mary the Virgin. The Chamber Choir lead the worship using the David Bednall mass setting (a piece that was composed especially for the school some years ago). It was a service that was rich in liturgy and music and yet had a real warmth and informality about it. Bishop Edward spoke movingly about his experiences in Israel last year. He encouraged the girls to take up the challenge of being people who would be involved in bringing healing and reconciliation to a broken and divided world.

For the girls, it marked the culmination of a term of preparation and a significant milestone on their journey of faith. After the service, everyone returned to school for the Confirmation Reception and to collect the individual cakes that had been so skilfully created by the school catering team for each girl.