On the evening of Saturday 3rd December, the girls from School House, St Cecilia's and St Prisca's participated in an attempt in Calne to break the Guinness World record for the largest live nativity gathering.

The event was organised by the Calne Town Council and the Bible Society and was aiming to beat the previous record for the largest live nativity gathering set in Utah, America, of 1,039 people.

The girls dressed up as shepherds, angels and wise men to join the local community and walked through the streets of Calne as part of the annual Winter Lantern Parade, finishing up on The Green. There were real sheep, donkeys and camels, along with the Calne players, who acted out the nativity story while all the shepherds, angels and wise men joined in the interactive story telling. Although it was very cold, the atmosphere was amazing and everyone got into the Christmas spirit, singing Little Donkey and other Christmas songs.

The girls very much appreciated the warmth when they got back to school and were delighted to learn that the record had been broken, with 1,254 people counted in Calne's live nativity!

To see the record on the Guinness World Record website, please click here