On the evening of 14th March, an expert on astronomy (Paul Hill, ESA Astronomer) came to visit us. We were expecting to be able to look through his telescopes which he had brought but unfortunately, due to bad weather, we were unable to do this and instead had an inspiring presentation about the moon in the Chapel!

This talk was really illuminating and we learnt many things we had not previously known - both the cultural aspect and the physical being of it. We heard about how, in different cultures, the man in the moon doesn’t exist but is in fact a rabbit in the Chinese culture or in old European culture it was a man banished to the moon for collecting lumber on the Sabbath. We also discovered that there was another side to the moon, which hardly any of us recognised due to its lack of Mares (the markings) on our side of the moon. Further to this, we heard about the movement of tides and how we are actually going deeper under the water instead of the water coming up to us! In addition, he brought with him many different space rocks and fossils including dust from mars and the moon and a tyrannosaurus rex’s claw. This was an absolutely fascinating talk about the moon which we think we know all about, but really know hardly anything at all! 

Aimee (UV Form)