As part of British Science Week, on Tuesday 14th March, we were joined in the chapel by 140 Year 5 and 6 children from the Calne area - Fynamore Primary, Hilmarton Primary and St Margaret’s - as well as a good number of St Mary’s pupils from LIV through to UVI, for our second annual primary school lecture, A Taste of Chemistry. The pupils were delighted and rather intrigued to receive a mysterious blue box and a bottle of water as they arrived – what were they going to be doing? All was made clear as Mrs Harward (Head of Chemistry) took them on a fascinating tour of their taste sensory systems – they used swabs and vials of different liquids to test the sensitivity of different parts of their tongue, licked a piece of paper to find out if they were super tasters, ate jelly beans holding their noses and sampled different but identical- looking sweets to see if they could distinguish between natural and artificial flavours. The final mystery was a piece of pie that looked like apple pie, tasted like apple pie but was actually made of ritz crackers. Bizarre. It was a hugely enjoyable and educational experience for all.