On the evening of 15th March, eleven lucky students were able to meet with three members of staff from Dyson to discuss engineering, design, and the involvement of women in the scientific community.

We were able to look at and tamper with several of the company’s breakthrough products; a vacuum cleaner, a blow drier, and a fan. After taking some time to understand how each product functioned, we were able to admire how much work went into each individual product as we talked through the Dyson five-year design and assembly process. Afterwards, we sat down to a lovely supper and were able to talk to our visitors about the many jobs involved in such a large company.  We discussed everything from calculating future trends in the consumer market to designing the tiniest pieces of a fan in order to create as much power as possible within a limited space.

Ultimately, getting to sit down and listen to such experienced engineers gave us a chance to learn about what working in engineering is truly like, and how to begin approaching the task of becoming an engineer. It was a truly insightful evening and we are all very grateful to have been able to participate in such an eye-opening activity.

Zara and Michaela