On the evening of 16th March, as part of our Science Week activities, ten keen bakers from all five Companies lined up in the Sixth Form house kitchens to begin the Biology Bake Off Challenge!  It was very similar to the 'Technical Challenge' in the Great British Bake Off, whereby bakers are provided with a mystery set of ingredients and a very basic recipe with measurements and minimal instruction (ours consisted of - make a cake, bake it). The recipe was a sponge cake with buttercream icing, to be judged by Calne's very own 'Paul and Mary' on the decoration.

The first challenge we stumbled across was the short time frame of one and a half hours in which we had to make, bake and decorate the cake! Girls in the Sixth Form houses would have been highly entertained to see several girls standing outside frantically fanning a cake with plastic mats to cool it down with 20 minutes of the challenge left to go... it was surprisingly more exhausting than it sounds! After a few clumsy mishandlings of food colouring, which resulted in a crime-scene like red-dye-splattered kitchen floor, in true Bake Off style we made ourselves a cup of tea and sat frantically staring at the oven (luckily we had remembered to turn it on!)

The next morning, the whole school assembled for the judging. Mr Salter had put together a video of our efforts, complete with Bake Off theme music, and Paul (Dr Fowler) and Mary (Mrs McKernan) were ready for the tasting. The theme for British Science Week was Change, and our decoration had to reflect that. There were cakes on metamorphosis, the Big Bang and even smoker's lungs! The final winners were announced –and it was us! Clara and Rose from Poore Company! Overall, it was great fun and a brilliant challenge to inspire our scientific brains to think like artists, and at the end of the day we are all winners, seeing as we got to eat the cakes we had made. It's safe to say that the 'Great Biology Bake Off' has become a Calne tradition that will be continued for many Science Weeks to come.

Clara (UVI) and Rose (LV)