Fun and Dancing at the Horris Hill Social

St Prisca's Social at Horris Hill SchoolThere had been great excitement building all week and trying on of outfits in preparation for the social with Horris Hill on Saturday 25th February. 

Social with Abingdon School a great success

St C's at Abingdon School for SocialThe weekend of 25th February was very busy and the girls in St Cecilia's house were full of excitement about the social with Abingdon School.

Young Enterprise team throw a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party'

Youth Enterprise - Mad Hatters Tea PartyOn Thursday 23rd February, the girls in LVI who are taking part in this year’s Young Enterprise Company Programme put on an amazing 'Mad Hatter’s Tea Party' for the rest of the school. This year’s company is called Luna & Sol and they have delighted their customers with their range of teas. They are being ably led by Maddy, their Managing Director.

Illuminating Lecture by Historian and Author James Holland

Historian and bestselling author, James Holland, giving lecture at St Mary'sHistorian and bestselling author James Holland gave a fascinating lecture at St Mary’s on 21st February. James is an expert and enthusiastic speaker on the military history of the Second World War, and during his visit delivered a talk about Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, an operation which escalated the war and brought Stalin’s Russia into the conflict.

Girls participate in Internet Safety Day

Enrichment Week Internet Safety WorkshopOn 7th February the LIV and MIV girls joined young people across the country taking part in Internet Safety Day. The theme this year was ‘Be the Change: Unite for a better internet’. The aim this year is to encourage young people to work together to be positive, safe and respectful online.

Girls make money on Stock Market Challenge

Fourth Form Stock Market ChallengeThis frenetic workshop, which took place during Enrichment Week, gave the girls an insight into the world of the global markets and stock trading. Teams had to combine their skills of teamwork, risk, responsibility and enterprise to make money through successful trades.

Unforgettable History Trip to Russia

History Trip to RussiaIn the early hours of Saturday 11th February, 37 girls and 7 staff set off to a place which most of us have only ever read about: Russia. After a year in the planning, we were all very excited to finally be on our way for six busy days in the two biggest cities in Russia: Moscow and St Petersburg.

'Step in Time!'

4th Form Dance Festival'Step in Time!' was our first dedicated dance showcase, performed by all of our Fourth Form, and the girls really embraced the opportunity to stretch their dance skills with an absolute passion and new-found enthusiasm.

Author Dave Shelton visits St Mary's Calne

Dave Shelton Enrichment WeekOn Thursday 9th February, LIV and MIV were very lucky to have the author and artist, Dave Shelton, visit the school to talk to us about his work.

Girls are challenged in Maths Workshops

Happy Maths Company Enrichment WeekDuring Enrichment Week, the UIV took on some Maths challenges, set up for them by the Happy Puzzle Company.

Rocket Science Project and the 'launch' of our own Science Competition!

Rocket Science ProjectEarlier this week, Head of Science, Mrs Alexandra Ballard, Head of Physics, Mrs Amanda Kingsland and Housemistress of School House, Mrs Charlotte Taylor-Smith, gave an update in Chapel on the Rocket Science project and launched a Science Poetry Competition, which will culminate during National Science Week in March.

LVI Form Careers Conference: Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women LectureOn Wednesday 8th February, the Delscey Burns Theatre played host to the annual LVI Form Careers Conference: Inspiring Women