On Thursday 4th May our teams took part in the Regional Finals for the Bloodhound 'Race for the Line' Rocket Car Competion at the MOD in Corsham. The teams included Flora (UV), Belinda (UIV), Annie (UIV), Zara (UIV) Michaela (UV) and Emma (UIV). This was following their success at the local hub competition last term, where our rocket cars were the fastest out of the schools that participated.

The RAF and Bloodhound SSC staff organised a fantastic day during which our teams had 90 minutes to design a brand new car and build it. They used hot wire cutters, glue guns and sanding paper to fashion their shapes into the most streamlined design possible, always taking care to not cut away too much of the original material which would lead to disqualification.  In the afternoon, a race track was set up outside and the RAF Fire Appliance arrived on standby!  

Once some glitches with the timing gates were sorted out, our cars were raced with a rocket propulsion system along a wire.  The St Mary's teams performed brilliantly with two of them achieving 2nd and 3rd place.  The speeds reached were 36mph, 34mph and 28mph. The winning school reached almost 38mph.

Mrs Amanda Kingsland,Head of Physics