James GrayOn Friday 19th May our local Conservative candidate for North Wiltshire, James Gray, came to school to talk to us and give us an insight into the upcoming general election.

In the Sixth Form we have all been excited at the prospect of voting, so were keen to find out more about what this general election is going to mean for the government and how a new government will affect Britain's economy for the future. Mr Gray engaged us with a brief introduction explaining his day-to-day job as a representative for the Conservative Party here in North Wiltshire and how he regularly travels to London for meetings in the House of Commons. We were then given the opportunity to ask him some questions. The questions were thought-provoking, leading to a discussion concerning 16-year-olds having the ability to vote in general elections. In addition, he gave a perspective on how the Conservatives plan to deal with Brexit and whether Mrs May's manifesto will be sustainable. Mr Gray seemed confident that Theresa May will be a strong leader for our country and that this general election is going to be beneficial, creating a stronger Britain after Brexit. Hearing Mr Gray shed some light on the reasons behind the General Election on the 8th June has been beneficial to us, as we now feel more informed as to the changes that will take place and their effects on us as young people.

Anna, Farida and Isobel (LVI)