In our third debate with The John Bentley School on 7th June, we chose a different format to the normal one of two adversarial teams debating a motion. Instead we opted to hold a mock hustings of the five national parties: Conservative, the Green Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats and UKIP. Rose, (LV Form), spoke on behalf of the Conservatives whilst Georgia, also LV, spoke for the Liberal Democrats. Three students from John Bentley gave speeches on behalf of Labour, the Green Party and UKIP. Each spoke for three minutes and then the audience was able to ask questions of the candidates. The students were all very confident at addressing such questions as: their party's attitude to a second Scottish Independence Referendum; their party's portrayal in the media and what they thought was the biggest issue facing the UK today.

The debate was expertly chaired by Amber in LVI, with the support of Jemima (also LVI) as timekeeper.

Once the speeches and questions were concluded, a paper ballot was taken. After the final count the ultimate winners were the Green Party, although it was very close for all the parties. This was good preparation for the school-wide mock election that is taking place in the houses today.

Mrs Samantha Handy, Head of History, Government and Politics