On 15th June, we welcomed 75 Year 5 students from local primary schools, including Derry Hill, Fynamore, Holy Trinity, St Francis and St Margaret’s, to St Mary's Calne to enjoy an intriguing day of forensic science investigation.

The students were challenged to solve a crime by looking at the evidence left at the crime scene and to use forensic science methods to work out which of the suspects was guilty!  The crime took place at the mysterious Salty Towers. A silver salt dish was stolen, a note was left, a mysterious substance was found at the scene and there were five suspects to consider.  The suspects were interviewed and a range of chemical tests were undertaken to determine what substance was found at the crime - from analysing ink from the criminal's note, testing for metals (flame tests) and testing for a carbonate (did it fizz?).

The results of the chemical testing and the information gathered during the interviews were both deliberated and gradually the student forensic scientists were able to eliminate suspects - and draw closer to the identity of the criminal.

It was an interesting day that highlighted that science is all around us. The students really enjoyed the process of testing for chemicals - especially the flame tests (yellow, red, green, orange and lilac!).

Thank you to Mrs Ballard for leading the investigators through their forensic tests as they solved the mystery at Salty Towers.