On Thursday 15th June, the LVI biologists went to Margam Discovery Centre, Port Talbot, for their field trip. After an introduction to the park by the tutor, it was out into the field to compare biodiversity between two woodland areas – mixed deciduous and coniferous. The girls hypothesised that the mixed deciduous woodland would show greater biodiversity than the coniferous woodland. The girls used random sampling techniques at the two sites, collecting data on plant species and number of individuals present, as well as environmental data such as soil moisture and light intensity. Interestingly, the hypothesis was not borne out; the coniferous woodland had greater biodiversity as the trees had less canopy cover (therefore higher light intensity) due to the strong prevailing winds removing the needles! After lunch and a brisk walk, they collected data on invertebrate species in relation to flow rate in a stream, learning how to measure flow rate, identify invertebrates and obtain them by kick sampling. This data will be analysed in lessons and incorporated into a report for their Practical Endorsements.