On the afternoon of Friday 23rd June, the LIV girls went to an international Buddhist centre in the local village of Heddington.

When we arrived there we were taken into the dining room and Mr Roy Millman gave us a talk about the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama and his teachings. We learnt loads and when he asked us questions we could answer most of them. Following this, we went to the meditation hall; we had to take our shoes off to enter and when we went in, we each sat cross-legged on cushions, then Mr Millman taught us words in Pali. He also taught us that to meditate you have to ask the Buddha permission to learn in Pali. As we were meditating, we were taught to concentrate on the feeling on the space between our nose and our upper lip, while we were breathing in and out. Then we meditated for ten minutes in silence or attempted silence! This was harder for some of us than others!

Afterwards we went to the pagoda and saw their worship place, it was really amazing; there was gold leaf all across the ceiling. There was a place for the teacher to sit and different sections for students to sit. Here the men and women have to sit separately. We also had to remove our shoes. After that, we went into the kitchen and had an amazing tea, including scones, jam, cream, strawberries, brownies, chocolate and many other delicious things. The staff were very nice and kind to us. Next we went for a really enjoyable walk in the beautiful gardens where there were many pretty flowers and a little stream leading into a pond with a small waterfall. We all thoroughly enjoyed this trip and had a very exciting and educational time. Thank you very much to Mr Thomas, Mrs Paddock and Mrs Fuller for taking us on this amazing and extremely fun trip.

By Rosie (LIV)