Latin Play Competition 2017, Book Ten of Homer's OdysseysOn 26th June Circe, Odysseus, a few gods and several animals set off to Redland High School in Bristol for the annual Latin Play Competition!

Lines had been learnt, props made (thank you Mrs Spicer for your help in this area!) and everyone was ready to enjoy an afternoon of entertainment. Barbara Bell, author of Minimus, was judging the competition. She praised all the competitors on their performances and the effort that had gone into producing the plays. There was a huge variety of plays, ranging from Ovid’s Metamorphoses of Baucis and Philemon, to a version of Chaucer’s A Pardoner’s Tale to St Mary’s UIV rendition of Book Ten of Homer’s Odyssey, where the hero meets the beautiful yet dangerous witch, Circe. The girls performed very well indeed and were praised for their confident and assured performance, good use of the stage and clearly spoken lines. Special mention must go to Polly, who acted the role of Circe, and was named as the outstanding actress of the day. Congratulations however go to all girls for coming second overall in the competition. Well done!