On Sunday 14th January, some of the LVI spent the day fine-tuning their mountain craft skills on their Micro-Navigation Day for Gold DofE. Three LV girls who missed their Bronze Day Walk last term also joined the group.

They started the day walking to points on their map using contour line features, pacing distance and learning the importance of getting within a couple of metres of a specific point, very important if you are looking for a path down off a mountain between crags!

They then carried on the fine-tuning with their compass work and learning how to navigate in fog or low cloud. The weather did not oblige this year so black bin bags were used to hide the landscape! They applied their newly-learnt skills of leap frogging very quickly. The day continued with lunch in storm shelters and First Aid on the open slopes.

The day was brought to an end with a short walk and a planned incident, so that they could demonstrate the skills that they had learnt. Some found the day a steep learning curve, but all completed it with full marks!