On Monday 12th March we started British Science Week with a full programme of activities, led by Cardiff University’s Ogden Science Lecturer, Dr Chris North.

He was joined by Mr Brychan Govier who coordinates the outreach programme at the university as they met our Sixth Form Physicists and gave them an introduction to the exciting new discovery in Astronomy: Gravitational Waves.   

The girls were given the background to Einstein’s prediction of gravitational waves and the 40-year journey of the design and engineering challenges of the LIGO experiment which first detected a gravitational wave in 2015.  They then carried out two experiments linked to their A Level curriculum to explore the difficulties experienced by the LIGO equipment. Later in the day, the Physicists were joined by A Level Chemists to explore gravitational waves further in Journal Club. 

The day concluded with teachers from nearby schools attending a CPD event hosted here at St Mary’s.  Our thanks go to Brychan and Chris for an excellent, informative, diverse and interesting day of events focused around this very important development in the world of Astronomy.

Mrs Amanda Kingsland, Head of Physics