On 3rd May, the Year 7 and Year 8 girls set off on their much anticipated two-day 'Camp and Walk'.

"Camp and Walk was such an amazing experience. It brought out so much from all of us, as some of us had never camped or walked such a distance. Some may say that the walk is not a competition, but as one group has won for many years, everyone wants to beat them!

We started off the day by meeting up at school at the end of break time. Everyone was very excited and the weather was glorious throughout the journey. Before we set off, we were sorted out into our groups; the Team Leaders of the groups were: Mrs Muir, Father Jonathan, Mrs Baldwin, Miss Brivio-Stone, Mr Rose, Mrs Dickinson, Mrs Maclean and Miss Halpin. After being sorted into our groups we were then dropped off in four separate locations, spread around the map.

We all walked and walked and walked, taking in the beautiful views and the culture around us. Each group encountered their own particular difficulties, but in the end we were all winners! It took all the groups a different amount of time, as some had more obstacles to overcome than others. But, as it got to the final stretch, we were so happy we had succeeded. The sight of the gate into the camp site brought joy to all!

Once we had arrived, we collected our tents and bags and started to set up our dwellings for the night. It was all fun and games for the rest of the evening, with delicious hot dogs and burgers for dinner. Yummy! As the sun started to set, we made our way to the tents. With a whisper here and there, we finally settled down and went to sleep.

In the morning, we woke up with the fresh breeze blowing in our faces and the birds chirping to their friends. After a slow start, we made our way to the breakfast table where we had bread and cereal. After this we started to pack up and make sure everything was nice and clean. With our bags ready to go, we played games with each other ready to set off. Finally, the minibuses arrived to take us home and enjoy a splendid Exeat Weekend."

Faith and Thea (Year 7)