Oxford UniversityOn 8th May, girls in the LVI (Year 12) who are considering applying to Oxbridge, took part in an evening which sought to expand and challenge their thinking.

Heads of Department had provided a number of interesting activities which were well beyond what the girls would be expected to do at A Level. The girls organised themselves into subject-based groups and tackled the different problems that had been set. For many of the girls, this was the first time that they were tackling the type of material and questions which they would be confronted with in an interview. Many of the questions did not have a right or wrong answer but rather required the girls to show how they had developed their ideas on the journey to their own answers. There was a real energy in the room as girls tackled everything from questions such as 'If the 19th century was the British century, and the 20th was the American century, what will be the 21st and why?' for Politics, to discussing The Lullaby of the Onion poem in Spanish.

What became clear is that the girls enjoyed pushing themselves and debating and discussing ideas in their chosen subjects. They have been encouraged to come up with similar tasks and debates themselves before our next evening in June and I look forward to seeing them, grown in confidence. 

Miss Lianne Aherne, Director of Sixth Form, Higher Education & Professional Guidance