What a wedding! It was the most eagerly anticipated romantic and social event of the year at St Mary’s Calne, and it did not disappoint. Of course I’m not writing about that other minor event that took place at Windsor on Saturday. No. I write about the mock wedding that the entire Year 10 enjoyed during their period 1 Religious Studies GCSE lesson on Saturday, 19th May. The new-ish AQA GCSE course includes learning about Christian marriage, wedding and family life and so, given that many of our girls had not previously personally experienced a wedding, we felt it appropriate to give them a live performance in which they eagerly engaged.

And so, with Father Jonathan resplendent in his clerical robes of office, conducting the wedding, Mrs Paddock as mistress of the wardrobe and Mr Totney accompanying at the organ, we held a whole Church of England wedding service in the chapel. The happy couple were Emma as groom, aka ‘Tarquin’, and Lizzie as his bride, aka ‘Shazza’. As the photos taken by official photographer Mr Thomas reveal, they had stylishly chosen four groomsmen and four bridesmaids to accompany them. Mother of the bride, Nancy, was suitably emotional as the couple declared their vows in the presence of their friends and school-family and proceeded to sign the register. The whole congregation of LV girls boisterously sang the hymns that another matrimonial couple and their guests, later that day, would also sing. At the end of the service, all attendees tucked in to freshly made cupcakes courtesy of the multi-talented Mrs Paddock. The smiles on the girls’ faces say it all.

In all seriousness, at each point throughout the service, Father Jonathan helpfully explained the meaning and significance of various actions undertaken by the couple and we hope that this memorable and fun experience will help the LV to better understand this part of their course.

Mr Marc Thomas, Head of Religious Studies