The corridor of sunshine followed us throughout our trip to the Mendip Activity Centre, in Somerset (as part of the Enrichment Week activities). Half of the UIV (Year 9) joined forces with the LV (Year 10) and enjoyed our glamping in the new tented village.

"We tried new activities like archery (the teachers were very competitive) and old favourites like orienteering and hiking.  Thankfully the weather was great and we were really well looked after and guided by the Mendips' staff and managed not to gain any major injuries. Camping itself was a lot of fun; we had a camp fire each evening and we can now sing many Australian and American camp fire songs, thanks to the exchange students! We also had a lot of fun face-painting, singing along to the ukulele and teaching Mr Salter the joys of roasted bananas (don’t knock them until you’ve tried them!). 

Thank you, Mrs Firth and all the other staff involved, for a great time!"  Flora (Year 10)

 "We enjoyed canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling, as well as a hike to take in the view of the Bristol Channel - and Weston-Super-Mare out to the West. Festival chic was the spirit of the evening camp fires, with face-paint and foil ‘tattoos’ adding to the sense of escape. Spooky tales and good, old-fashioned parlour games brought everyone together around the camp fire. As ever, food featured highly on the agenda for the girls, with toasted marshmallows and ‘smalls’, and it was a joy to have hot food delivered by the centre staff for our main meals.

Many girls challenged themselves with their first abseil, hike or simply by sleeping under canvas for the first time – as the LV girls (Year 10) can attest, this will come in handy with their Duke of Edinburgh's Award on the horizon! The setting was picturesque and the staff superb; an excellent time was had by all – even if they will never quite get to grips with sharing their sleeping space with many of God’s smaller creatures!"  Miss Grant, St Cecilia’s House (Year 9)