Bristol UniversityOn Monday 11th June, the nine French A Level students went to Bristol University with Mrs Ross and Mrs Northcote-Green to find out a little more about studying Languages at university and what Bristol University had to offer. Recently Bristol has been a popular destination for Calne linguists, so we were excited to see why they had chosen it.

The day started off with an easy journey by bus and train to Bristol Temple Meads, from where we walked through Bristol and up a large hill to the university buildings. We found the building that houses the French Department and met the Lecturer who had organised the day for us. We then did a session on French poetry – which was much more interesting than we had first thought it might be! It was then to a fascinating lecture on Linguistics, before meeting Old Girl, Pumbaa, who took us on a tour of the facilities in the MFL Department and answered our many questions. Pumbaa has just finished her 2nd year studying French and Italian and has very exciting plans for her third year, which she will spend abroad.

After our tour with Pumbaa we had an introduction to studying Russian ab initio – which was fast paced and very difficult, but very interesting. We then went off for an eagerly anticipated lunch at Café du Jour, where we ate a range of delicious French food. Lastly, we had a chance to explore the area around the university in the sunshine, which was great fun.

Overall the day was fascinating and gave us a real insight into what it might be like to study at Bristol, and in particular in the MFL Department. Thank you for organising it.