As part of Enrichment Week, 32 UIV (Year 9) girls accompanied by Mr Cockett, Miss Sears, Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Cotsell spent five days in the stunning countryside outside Samoens in the French Alps. A study visit of learning French through activities, the programme included conversation with local young people, rafting on a fast flowing rapids of the Giffre river, tackling a ropes course, and transacting in the local market. The weather combined beautiful, hot conditions with spectacular storms and rain which refreshed the mountain air.

The group stayed in La vieille Ferme, beautifully converted barns, as guests of Ann and Mitch Patching, former Houseparents at Marlborough College. Delicious baguettes and patisserie prepared on site made for authentic local flavour. The girls reacted to these magical surroundings with great enthusiasm, speaking French wherever possible, and gamely throwing themselves into activities. Paddling furiously down river they will never forget the cries of ‘En avant! En arrière!’ as their boat rode the surf. Entertaining open-air performances by the girls of ‘Cendrillon’ on the final afternoon showed just how far their French had progressed in a few, short days.

Mr Robin Cockett, Head of Modern Foreign Languages