On Thursday 14th June, as part of Enrichment Week, the UIV (Year 9) went for a Computing trip to Paultons Park to investigate the IT and Science behind the rides and attractions.

'The day started off quite early because we had a long coach ride ahead of us. When we arrived at the park, the weather was not really on our side as it was spitting with rain and cold. As soon as we got our tickets we were ready to go in. We started off with an hour and a half on rides and had a worksheet to complete to look at how the rides are controlled and powered. Soon the sun started to shine. When our time was up everyone was reluctant to come to lunch because we all wanted to go on more rides! At lunch we reviewed our worksheets and had a debate about how the rides were controlled.

After lunch we went to the Education Centre and had a talk with Andy, the Education Manager, to talk about how technology is used in the park.  Technology was everywhere: on the rides, at the ticket gates, CCTV and even the water fountain. We also learnt about how technology has helped the park grow and develop. Andy then took us on three of the park's major rides to teach us how they work; this was all very interesting and fun. We had one more hour left to go on rides and I think our favourite had to be either ‘Edge’ or ‘Cobra’. After a long day it was time to go back to school, everyone had fun and we all enjoyed this excursion very much!'

By Khalilah (Year 9)