A bright, sunny day was the perfect setting for the LIV (Year 7) trip to the Roman town of Verulamium on 22nd October.  This was the third largest settlement in Roman Times and the experience of seeing the well preserved mosaic and hypocaust of an original house, the foundations of the Roman theatre, town houses, shops and an underground shrine gave a very good impression of a living and breathing ancient town. 

Once the girls had got an impression of the actual settlement, it was easy to fill in the gaps with the wonderfully informative museum.  This covered what the inhabitants would have done in the work place, burial rites, mosaic building and finds such as coins, jewellery and earthenware.  There were plenty of opportunities to listen to short clips of videos and for the girls to play games or make their own mosaics. This was followed by a handling session where the girls looked at exhibits and had to guess what everything was used for.  They came up with excellent suggestions and got a good overall impression of the evidence which remains to this day. They returned to Calne, inspired by what the Romans have done for us in their 400-year occupation of Britain.

Mrs Elizabeth Rothwell - Head of Classics