Stunning 'Ada Ada Ada' Performance

Ada Ada Ada Performance On Thursday of Science Week we were joined by over 50 students from local schools and treated to a fantastic live performance of 'Ada Ada Ada'. The show has been created to inspire girls and women to enter the STEM subjects. It revolves around the life and legacy of Ada Lovelace, the woman who developed the first computer program, and her interaction with Charles Babbage and the development of the analytical engine.

British Science Week: 'Journeys'

Libby Jackson Science WeekThe theme for this year's British Science Week is Journeys. With 13 events for students, staff, parents and the Calne community over the course of the week, there has certainly been something for everyone. In Chapel, we have journeyed through our evolutionary past and explored some personal journeys in Science. The Sixth Form have journeyed into the brain on Brain Day and the Fourth Form have journeyed back to the dawn of computing with the AdaAdaAda show and so much more.

Computing Club work with Raspberry Pi

Computer ClubAs part of their extra-curricular activities in Computing Club, students have been working with a Raspberry Pi computer. The Pi is a miniaturised form of computer, used in places like the International Space Station where you can’t have the usual, heavy computers that we’re used to seeing.

Girls 'Escape the Lab' in Science Week

Escape the LabAs part of Science Week, on 11th March, two teams were in a race against the clock… who will be the first to Escape the Lab?

English Society discuss dystopian fiction

English SocietyIt was a busy week in the English Department, not only did the Sixth Form have their excellent day out in Stratford, but we also held our English Society meeting.

Inspiring English Trip to Stratford

This week the Sixth Form English students had an inspiring day out at a conference in Stratford, hosted by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. A number of academics delivered lectures on a range of ideas to support their study of Hamlet – their key exam drama text.

Girls attend Particle Physics Masterclass at Rutherford Appleton Lab

Rutherford Appleton LaboratoryOn 7th March, seven Physics students visited Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, named after the physicists Ernest Rutherford and Edward Appleton, known for their work in nuclear physics and radio physics, respectively.

Year 12 Biologists and Academic PE Students enjoy the 'Body Worlds' in London

Body WorldsOn 7th March, as part of their Anatomy and Physiology studies, the Year 12 Biologists and Academic PE students spent an absorbing and fascinating afternoon in Dr Gunther Von Hagens’ world of plastination.

Biology Class enjoy a lesson in the greenhouses

MIV Biology greenhouse As part of their Biology curriculum, MIV (Year 8) Biology class had an interesting and informative lesson with Mr Vince Pennock, Head of Grounds at St Mary’s.

Sixth Formers benefit from Latin Study Morning

Vergils AeniadOn 7th March, the Sixth Form Latinists travelled to Monmouth School and enjoyed a morning of talks and workshops relating to the literature they are reading for A Level, as well as practising their language skills.

2009 Leavers reunite in London

CGA Reunion MarchOn Thursday 28th February, approximately 30 Calne Girls congregated in a private room of a Pimlico pub to celebrate their 10-year anniversary since leaving St Mary’s. 

Lecture on 'Les Parisiennes' by award-winning author

Anne Sebba lectureOn Tuesday 5th March, we were treated to a fabulous lecture by award-winning author, presenter and lecturer, Anne Sebba, who came to talk to us about her book, Les Parisiennes. As part of their French A Level, the girls have to study the theme of ‘L’Occupation, La Résistance et le régime de Vichy’ so it was both fascinating and useful to hear what she had to say.

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