Successful Silver DofE Practice Expedition

Silver DofEJust as the school was breaking up for the Easter break, four groups of students were embarking on their Silver DofE Practice Expedition.

Illuminating History of Art Trip to Florence

Florence History of Art 2019As we ascended into the air, Florence bound from Heathrow Terminal 5, it was hard to imagine that in only a matter of hours we would, perhaps, no longer be part of the European Union. For savvy bankers such as the Medici, who had opened branches of their business in London and Bruges, this would have seemed bizarre: so much of the beauty of the city rests upon their mercantile enterprises and ability to forge cultural links. Cultural exchange defines the new global A Level specification and the aim of our trip was to see many of the works that we had studied for the examinations at first hand.

Girls enjoy pre-season Tennis Training in Palma

Tennis Trip to PalmaDuring the first week of the Easter Holidays, 16 girls travelled to Palma to start pre-season tennis training at Vilas Academy.

Successful Silver DofE Expedition in the Mendips

DofEDuring the last weekend of the Summer Term, 30 UV pupils returned after sitting their GCSE exams (plus one LVI girl) to complete their Duke of Edinburgh's Award Silver Expedition.

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