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We were delighted to welcome back Mr Kevin Wells from the Calne Food Bank on Tuesday 5th October, who updated us on the progress of the charity. Unsurprisingly, the past 12 months have been a very busy period, during which it has supported many local individuals and families through the winter lockdowns.

In morning Chapel, UVI (Year 13) pupil, Marguerite, interviewed Mr Wells to find out more about the charity and how we can best support them.

Mr Wells explained that whilst the Free School Meals Vouchers scheme had helped families facing hardship during the holiday periods, he anticipates that the recent reduction in universal credit and the ending of the furlough scheme will bring difficulty to some. When Marguerite asked what the greatest challenges had been, he said, without a doubt, it had been the need for them to find replacement premises as where they currently are is to be re-developed. He is optimistic that he will find a solution in the near future.

For the charity to thrive, it needs to raise funds as well as receive donations of provisions and everyday essential items such as laundry detergent and nappies. On Tuesday, pupils from St Mary’s and St Margaret’s Prep wore mufti to both raise awareness of the important work of the charity, as well as to raise much needed funds. In addition, donations of food items were gifted.

If anyone would still like to contribute, we are continuing collections until each school has celebrated their Harvest Festivals.

We should like to express our thanks to Mr Kevin Wells for giving up his time to join us in Chapel and to Marguerite for preparing and conducting the interview.

If anyone would like to find out more about the Calne Food Bank please click on this link to its web page