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The Careers Networking Evening took place on 17th September and was a truly enriching experience for our girls, with a broad selection of careers represented, covering many aspects of STEM and leadership.

Below, UV (Year 11) student, Kevwe, describes the evening and what she took from it...

'Each guest had something interesting to say, informing us about their job description and the career journey they took to reach their positions. They were particular in guiding us through the A Level subjects that led to their career choices, giving us a little taste of what we can accomplish through certain subjects.

Many questions were asked during the event, and there was stimulating conversation at every careers table. Whether it was Law or Veterinary Medicine, there was always more information to take in. I especially enjoyed listening to the guest who specialises in Project Management. He provided us with helpful insights on being a leader and having to work and plan with a team. I think this is very important, as teamwork is a crucial factor in interaction with others. The guest specialising in Medicine talked about the importance of self-studying and learning as you progress, something quite relevant to my position as an UV student.

In summary, the experience was engaging, providing insight of what we can achieve as the years progress, enlightening me about the opportunities available to me at A Level.'