Head Girls TeamOn 21st September, Head Girl, Khalilah, and our two Deputy Head Girls, Chloe and Saskia, attended a Student Leadership Conference to help develop them within their roles.

Below, Saskia describes what they learnt from the day.

'Our visit to the Leadership Conference day at Wells Cathedral School was an incredibly enriching experience; we had the opportunity to share advice and tips with those in similar positions of leadership to us. The convention most certainly pushed us out of our comfort zone with several public speaking workshops and taught us a range of valuable lessons, such as the importance of being an equitable leader, understanding and getting to know your team and how to efficiently chair meetings. Following several very inspiring talks from people in positions of leadership, we learnt about the value of acknowledging your team members’ specialities, increasing team productivity, and the key differences between ‘professional visibility’ and ‘casual visibility’. Overall, it was an extremely valuable day that we are very grateful for having the opportunity to take part in, and we, as a Head Girl's Team, are very much looking forward to putting all that we learnt into play.'