lecture tnOn Tuesday 7th December, the Sixth Form were joined by Professor Mike Bickle, an emeritus professor at the Department of Earth Sciences at Cambridge University and Director of the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage.

As a geologist whose research is focused mainly on tectonics and geochemistry, Professor Bickle spoke to us about the current and past climate of the earth, the processes that control global evolution and the Earth’s surface environment, namely when oceans were formed.

He went on to talk about fieldwork and the travels and research he has embarked upon; for example, sampling Ironstones and water deposits conglomerated in Isua Greenland and the Greenland belt, as well as visiting the famous ‘Crystal Geyser,’ which is an abandoned oil exploration hole in Utah. He proposed the solution of carbon injection deep underground which we thought was methodical and realistic. 

We felt as though this was an incredibly relevant and important lecture to have listened to, due to the importance and urgency of the climate crisis we find ourselves in. We also found that it linked very closely with A Level Geography and GCSE Geology, giving insight to those of us that may want to study these subjects at university.

Daisy, Gigi and Amy (UVI - Year 13)