cyberstem tnThe MIV (Year 8) girls faced a race against time in a CyberStem challenge as part of their Donaldson Week activities.

'An unknown enemy is attempting to hack the British Army Headquarters servers. You must work in your team to break the codes and use all available intelligence to identify the malicious hacker group responsible.'

This was the brief MIV girls received before beginning this challenge, developed by the British Army. They played the role of Intelligence Analysts in a race against time, working to defend the Army HQ against a live cyber-attack. They learnt about the work of the Army Intelligence Corps, but also the wider national risks associated with cyber-attacks, their nature and frequency, and the most common types of perpetrator. The girls had to deploy their mathematical, reasoning and problem-solving skills to find the passwords to open a series of intelligence files and ultimately identify the guilty group - well done girls!

Mr Dan Curran