JuliaHailes TNOn 20th September, we welcomed back former Calne Girl, Julia Hailes MBE, who gave an informative and relevant talk about sustainability and preventing climate change. 

She talked about the journey through her career and how she has passed on her passion for sustainability to her sons.

It was incredibly eye-opening and really highlighted the importance of how we should be protecting our environment whilst really hitting home the dangers of climate change.

We were also very lucky to talk over supper about how we could improve Calne and reduce our own carbon footprints. Julia had loads of amazing initiatives, such as wildflower planting and solar panels which really motivated us to consider implementing these ideas at school. It was also lovely to reminisce with Julia about her past Calne memories, and how the school has changed since she left.

Overall, we learnt a lot about the imminent environmental issues that we are currently facing. Hopefully, we can bring about further changes to our school and in our day-to-day lives. 

Iona (UVI - Year 13)