teaparty tnOn the afternoon of 18th January, Elizabeth Christie, our school Archivist, and Sara-Jane Socha, former Head of History, joined four Alumnae for Tea in Bath.

These Alumnae were all at St Mary’s during the 1940s and 1960s and they shared many stories over tea and scones! With our 150th Anniversary year fast approaching, we are keen to gather as many memories as possible and this reunion of ‘Calne Girls’ was a fantastic chance to do this.

Conversation flowed and our oldest guest, Mary Home (neé Chapman) who left St Mary’s in 1945, shared memories of the war and rationing at school.  Josephine Herrlingter (neé Guillame), 1967 leaver, talked about ‘Form Shakespeare’ and making costumes out of school uniform; one girl made her costume entirely from pocket handkerchiefs!

Caroline Laws (neé Russell), 1964 leaver, shared stories of tending to flower gardens as well as straying further away from the school grounds and the fear of being caught. Anne Lawson (neé Wrangham), 1964 leaver, remembered long church services and sermons with the Reverend O’Hanlon and playing ‘pass the penny’ to pass the time. Apparently, a penny was passed between hands as they heard a word from each letter of the alphabet in order!

It was a lovely few hours spent together with laughter and delight as shared memories and stories were re-told. We will be hosting more of these reunions and capturing all the details to update our archives and contribute to a new school history book, in celebration of our 150th year.

Mrs Caroline Wrench (Alumnae Relations Manager)