a level girls tnThe UVI continue to receive offers from a range of excellent universities for a huge variety of courses. Several top Russell Group universities have already made offers to St Mary’s pupils ahead of this week’s final UCAS application deadline, including Edinburgh, UCL, Exeter, Warwick, Bristol and Newcastle.

However, there is no cause for concern where these have not yet been received, as several universities have put out statements to adjustments in their admissions processes this year and are only beginning to consider many applicants from this week onwards.

Courses our pupils have received offers on so far range from the more traditional and popular courses in Law, Biology, English, Geography and Business and Management, to some more modern and personal choices such as Film and Digital Production, Zoology and Criminology. Each ambitious choice is personalised to that pupil’s strengths and interests, based on the informed decisions they have been making through the Sixth Form and even lower down the school.

Special congratulations for succeeding in the rigorous Oxbridge process go to Catriona (Modern Languages), Isabella (English), Elan (Music) and Lydia (Modern Languages; all pictured), who look to take up places at their respective colleges this coming Autumn. We wish them all the greatest success for the future, and in the shorter term in their upcoming mock examinations.

Photo: Left to Right - Elan, Lydia, Isabella and Catriona.